Frozen Mythbusters: Myth #12 of 13.
There are a variety of myths regarding human response to cold exposure.  These myths are explained and debunked by Dr. Murray Hamlet, DMV, Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, PHD, and Frank Hubbell, DO.  After posting the thirteen myths, a complete article  from the Wilderness Medicine Newsletter will be loaded for anyone interested in all the chilly little details.
Myth #12
              There is no such thing as “after drop” while rewarming a hypothermia victim.
             Busted – Both Murray and Gordon have clearly shown in their research that we can anticipate that as the hypothermia victim is rewarmed, initially their core temperature will continue to drop another degree or more before they turn the corner and begin to rewarm. This is caused by blood-flow being re-established to the colder peripheral circulation. As this blood cools in the periphery and returns to the core, it will cause a temporary drop in core temperature.

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