Soft Tissue Injuries #2 Long-Term Wound Care

Control of Bleeding:

Direct pressure
Digital pressure 
Pressure dressing

Prevention of Infection – Wound Cleaning:

Apply direct pressure or use a pressure dressing to control bleeding for about 30 minutes.
Sterile cleaning solution:
Can be made by adding Betadine, Povidone, or iodine (any iodine solution) to water and allowing it to stand for 30 minutes. 
Thorough wound cleaning you will require 3 – 4 liters (quarts) of sterile (dilute iodine) water solution for irrigation. 
Wound irrigation:
Is best accomplished with a directed stream of the sterile water under force, such as can be produced by squirting water out of syringe. 
Wound Debridement:
All foreign material must be removed, most can be by gently lifted out with forceps or by rinsing it out with the sterile water.
The Rinsing Process:
Once the visible debris in the wound has been removed, begin the rinsing process. 
First rinse with a dilute soap solution or dilute iodine solution, 5 – 6 times, and then a final rinse with clear sterile water or with the dilute iodine solution. 
The iodine solution has to be less than 2% iodine; if the iodine concentration is too high, it can be toxic to the healthy tissues. 
Once the wound has been irrigated well, apply sterile dressings and a bandage. 
Dressings should be changed every 12 hours and the wound site evaluated for signs of infection.

What are these compounds – Iodine, Betadine, Povidone?

Iodine: Is a chemical element, atomic number 53.
Betadine: Betadine is a commercially available 10% solution of Povidone-iodine in water
Povidone iodine: Povidone iodine is a water-soluble complex of iodine and polyvinylpyrrolidone, it contains a 2% concentration of iodine

 For more detailed information on wilderness and long-term management of Soft Tissue Injuries see the Jan/Feb 2006 and the March/April 2006 issues of the Wilderness Medicine Newsletter.

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