NITROGEN NARCOSIS:  “rapture of the deep”
Breathing nitrogen under pressure has an anesthetic-like effect.
In SCUBA diving there is the “Martini Rule” = every 50′ of depth is like having one martini.
Symptoms are similar to being inebriated:
At 100′ you may feel lightheaded, euphoric, have poor reaction timing, and POOR JUDGEMENT.
At 300′ you may become unconscious.
You most likely will not realize that you have “rapture of the deep” just like you don’t know how drunk you are.  You have to rely upon one another to keep an eye on each other.


A little goes a long way. 
Have to make sure that your SCUBA tanks are properly filled and there is no risk of CO contamination. 
A very small quantity of CO in the pressurized air you breathe will lead to loss of conscious while diving.
Symptoms of CO poisoning are unconsciousness, drowning, and DEATH.

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