ASCENT   = expansion of the gas.     
The volume of gas increases by 2, doubles, every 33 fsw.

This is why it is an absolute rule that people with asthma cannot SCUBA dive!
ASTHMA and SCUBA diving = death
During ascent some of the air breathed at depth will get trapped in the alveoli and bronchioles, then during ascent that trapped air will expand and burst the alveoli and bronchioles, resulting in burst lungs and DEATH.

“Pulmonary Over Pressurization Syndrome” – POPS = “Burst Lung”
Usually occurs with a rapid ascent and breath holding.
Gas in the lung expands rapidly causing alveolar rupture.  (Boyle’s Law)
Alveolar rupture allows air to be forced into other tissues/spaces.
Resulting in escape of air under pressure into the:
Pleural Space = PNEUMOTHORAX
Pulmonary Venous System = ARTERIAL GAS EMBOLISM  (AGE)

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