VI. PAS – Secondary Survey – AMPLE History:

Part 6 0f 9: PAS – AMPLE History: What is their past medical history?

Talk with your patient or others to determine the following information:

A – Allergies:
Are they allergic to any medications, foods, insects, etc.? 
If they are what happens and how is it treated?

M – Medications:
What medications are they taking, both prescription and over-the-counter?
If they are taking medications, how often and how much do they take and have they taken their meds today?

P – Previous Injury or Illness:
Is there any recent or past injury or illness that could contribute to the current problem?
Have they ever been hospitalized over night for any medical problems, is so what?

L – Last Input and Output:
When was the last time they had anything to eat or drink?
What did they eat and drink?
When was the last they voided or had a bowel movement?

E – Events leading up to the crisis:
What lead up to or occurred just prior to the critical event?

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