VIII. Patient Assessment System – Rescue Plan

Part 8 of 9: PAS – STOP – RESCUE SURVEY: Do we need help?

Are we staying or going?
What is our plan to get help?
Who is going to go to get help?
What do we do to protect the patient while waiting for help to arrive?
What do we do to protect ourselves while waiting for help to arrive?
Is the scene safe?

RESCUE PLAN: Do we need help?

Group’s condition:
How well is each individual in the group doing?
How well prepared is the group to stay put and bivouac?

Do we need to evacuate the patient or can we all go on?
If evacuation is needed, send for help.
While waiting for rescue – build a bivouac.

Sending for help:
Send two to get help if possible.
Send out a SOAPnote on the patient.
Send out a list of the rest in the group and how well prepared you are to bivouac.
Send out a map with your exact location and time marked on it.

While waiting for help to arrive:
Know where everyone is; pair people up to massage each other’s feet, etc.
Keep everyone busy.
Create shelter for everyone.
Get water or melt snow and make something warm to drink.
If food available, make a meal & eat.
Keep spirits up, be positive, reassure, make sure everyone has something to do.
Create light and warmth; build a fire.
Make yourselves big, easy to find.
Continuously monitor your patient.
Continuously monitor everyone else in the group.

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