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New Soap Note app!

December 8, 2011

Everyone practicing pre-hospital medicine in either a street environment or wilderness environment should know about this new app.

The new SOAP note app allows you to create highly accurate SOAP notes in ways that were not possible before. As patient care transfers from one level of care to the next, patient care data can now travel with the patient. SoapNoteApp enables you seamlessly transfer your SOAP notes from person to person. It tracks and secures all your notes. It includes a digitally signed change record so you can be confident your notes are safe. You can access your notes from anywhere at any time.

As well as clear simple screens that allow you enter data quickly and accurately, the new app has additional features such as streaming text, which allows you to keep a log with a time stamp, easy fill in boxes for vital signs with time stamp, an injury location screen that allows you to touch locations on a schematic of the body of the patient to more accurately highlight injury sites as you find them. The app also allows you to place a priority on specific injuries and treatments and then change those priorities as treatments are applied. The app records all of this data easily and allows you to go back and look more accurately and easily at events as they unfolded on scene. If you carry an iPad, iPhone, or Android this app can make your SOAP notes cleaner, more accurate, and easy to access digitally—check it out.